Why Choose Us

Whether you are seeking for a Staff Augmentation or a Subcontractor, Evenflow is your ideal partner. From our experience as both a Prime and a Sub, we are adept at fulfilling each role’s unique responsibilities. Evenflow meets all reporting requirements, submits accurate invoices on time, and respects established lines of reporting and communication. We preserve confidentiality and privacy in every matter, through secure records and systems.

With our knowledge of many public and private-sector missions, programs, funding mechanisms, and stakeholders, Evenflow  is an effective partner from day One.  Whether offering solutions or serving as a sounding board for clients ideas, we consistently help to maximize the impact and minimize the cost of services and products.

Evenflow’s professional, nurturing environment yields high staff retention and therefore, high staff continuity on projects. We emphasize action, accountability, and documentation, in the best interests of our clients, partners and staff.