Evenflow’s  ideology  consists  of five principles  that  are  the  foundation  of our  organization. They reflect our understanding that information is the catalyst for creating positive change and removing limitations.


In a world of constant change, we all seek focus and direction.  At Evenflow, we provide our clients with the support needed to manage changing environments. Our concern for our clients is the basis for our philosophy: Power of Focus. We believe that this integration empowers organizations and individuals to achieve their full potential.


Our clients and partners benefit from our ability to collaborate in a cooperative, flexible, and adaptable manner toward a joint intellectual effort. Evenflow works effectively as both a Prime Contractor and a Subcontractor. We have  the talent  to  undertake  complex  tasks  on  short  notice,  offer  responsive  solutions,  produce  high-quality products,  and  deliver services on time and  within budget.


We believe that there is no substitute for experience in the accumulation of knowledge or skill. Evenflow has repeatedly been recognized for outstanding performance since our inception. Our research and evaluation personnel have advanced degrees in technology, and other degrees in related disciplines. In addition, our staff members have worked with programs and projects that are similar or identical to those we must evaluate under contract.


Our clients deserve and expect products and services that are superior in quality. Through our methods, controls, and senior-level oversight,  Evenflow  consistently meets this criterion  of excellence  on all of our work and  material.  Our quality-assurance program is our calling card.


Our fundamental approach is to provide professional, high-quality services to meet our clients needs and exceed their expectations, while effectively managing costs.