Cloud Computing Solutions

Evenflow is currently focussed on providing three sets of services to the client. We help small to mid sized companies migrate to cloud for their software needs in a fast cost effective manner. Evenflow is currently working with Amazon Web Services and SCALR for its cloud infrastructure. Cloud helps the clients scale rapidly up or down based on their needs. The utility nature of it significantly reduces the cost over the long run.

We currently offer these services to our clients


Cloud Migration

Evenflow helps its clients migrate from a existing infrastructure and help them provide the necessary roadmap to make this migration smooth.

Cloud Management

Once migration is done we provide services for manageing the infrastructure.  However, flexibility and innovation are among the primary benefits of cloud applications.

Cloud Application Development and Deployment

Until recently, enterprises looking to automate a custom business process had to invest in owning and managing an entire infrastructure and middleware stack, and then build a custom application which then needed to be integrated into their existing environments. This model of software development is expensive, difficult to support and relatively slow. With the cloud in place, development can start and proceed in the cloud without much coordination between the infrastructure services. Evenflow helps clients implement open source, ASP or Java Applications in the cloud. We are currently focussed on providing the Oracle infrastructure in the cloud.